Premium cards has been on the market since 2012.
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We are probably the first deepweb prepaid cards seller. What we do is preload the cards with funds, so there are a few major advantages which transform these cards and give us and our customers the opportunity to cash them out risk free; there is no previous owner. Obviously we cannot reveal the source of the funds, but we can assure you the funds have been 100% mixed and cleaned before we load them up onto brand new prepaid cards. you can use them at any ATM, shop or online without having to find a way to hide your identity while doing so. While using these cards at the ATM there is no way the cards will freeze or get blocked by the ATM machine like a cloned card for example.Another advantage of our cards is they have no expiration date.


All our cards are chipped and magnetic. Contactless is available by request.


PIN number is provided for each card and it is customizable at any ATM featuring this option.


We use latest methods and technologies to provide maximum satisfaction and protection.

Full refund

We will refund you at any point you consider the card is not working as expected or advertised.

Another way of making sure our cards won't attract any unwanted attention is by printing them to look like a specific gift/prepaid card and by embossing a name on them. We can print almost any card design including regular bank cards and any name you need. If you have no idea what design or name to choose, we can make that choice for you or we can leave it blank if that's what you want.
Click on the images bellow to see some examples of designs we can print.

Our Products

Years of work and experimenting different methods have finally delivered in 2012, so we can happily present a risk-free card. Currently we can offer you 6 different types of cards, choose the best card that suits you.
No matter what card type you decide to purchase, the balance of the card will convert to your local currency.
We're happy to add a new feature, we're now offering our customers the possibility to purchase a card and have it remotely re-loaded for only 30 extra USD.

Our Prices

Prices listed bellow are in USD. You will get an increasing price discount as the quantity of the cards purchased increases.


from $130

  • 1 card - $130
  • 2 cards - $240
  • 3 cards - $300
  • 5 cards - $450
  • 7 cards - $570
  • 10 cards - $800
  • 15 cards - $1050
  • 20 cards - $1400
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from $150

  • 1 card - $150
  • 2 cards - $270
  • 3 cards - $360
  • 5 cards - $450
  • 7 cards - $600
  • 10 cards - $780
  • 15 cards - $1100
  • 20 cards - $1500
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from $250

  • 1 card - $250
  • 2 cards - $450
  • 3 cards - $600
  • 5 cards - $1100
  • 7 cards - $1400
  • 10 cards - $1900
  • 15 cards - $3000
  • 20 cards - $3700
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How to order

Orders are placed via email following a few steps to make sure we understand what you need.

Examine our products and decide which is best for you: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD or Amex.
Tell us how many cards you want to buy.
Specify what kind of shipping you want (choose from bellow).
Choose your payment method from our options.
Send us an email to salespremium@protonmail.com with all this information to the address in the contact section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Shipping options

Regular shipping

Is included in the price of the cards. Takes 5-7 days and is available to any country.

Express shipping

Will cost you extra $20. Will take 2-3 days to deliver and is available in most countries.

Overnight shipping

Will cost you extra $30, but is available only to Mexico, USA and Canada.

* Tracking number is provided for all the shipping methods available.
You can safely use your own shipping details as over the years we have developed 100% safe shipping methods. Our packaging system is very well thought through and it won't seem suspicious for customs or the shipping company and even if it's opened there's nothing to incriminate you. Once you actually purchase we will give you more details about our methods of shipping securely and we can also e-mail you pictures of your package before it leaves our warehouse if that's what you want.

Payment methods we accept

These are the payment methods we accept at this moment.You can choose your favourite. Just tell us in your order email which it will be.


Bitcoin is our favourite. It is the most popular and easy to get.


Litecoin is largely known and easy to find.


Ethereum is everywhere nowadays.


Monero is not easy to get but it is the best privacy you'll find online.


Ripple is largely available and quite cheap.

Stellar Lumens

You may not have heard about it, but it's there and we accept it here.

Western Union

Fastest and globally available money transfer service.


We accept this payment method only in EURO option.

If you are having issues purchasing bitcoin or you are not sure how any of the payment methods work, send us an email and we might be able to help you out.


EMAIL: salespremium@protonmail.com